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Young Chefs Academy Programs Designed To Grow Alongside Kids

Curriculum built to provide challenges from youngest learners to teens in high school, creating ongoing engagement and steady revenue for kid’s cooking franchise owners

Young Chefs Academy kid's cooking franchise kids making dessert

When a young child is enrolled in classes at a Young Chefs Academy children’s cooking school franchise, he or she can look forward to a lot of fun. What he or she isn’t thinking about is how these lessons can continue over time, thanks to a multiyear curriculum that takes kids from an early age all the way through high school.

“Young Chefs Academy students range from kindergarten-age all the way to high schoolers, just shy of their 18th birthday,” explains Julie Fabing Burleson, Founder and CEO. “Over time we have developed a learning platform that engages and educates at every level, so that a child can get the maximum value of classes, no matter what age they are when they begin.”

Advancement opportunity builds loyalty

Throughout their Young Chefs Academy kid’s cooking franchise journey, students are able to master different skills at varying levels of complexity. They are awarded patches and can work toward a black chef’s jacket as the pinnacle of success. Those visible achievements are fun for kids, and also keep them engaged in the process.

“Kids want to achieve, and get to the next level,” Burleson says. “They also want their friends and family to see how well they are doing. Every level of Young Chefs classes is designed to plug into the next one, and if a child comes in with a skill set already mastered, he or she is challenged with learning new skills and techniques, all while exposing them to new experiences that develop team building and leadership skills, introduce new cultures, build self confidence, build math skills, increase vocabulary, build relationships and the list goes on.”

Continued engagement creates sustainable revenue

That ability to meet students where they are means that they are eager to learn, and so are much more likely to remain with a Young Chefs Academy cooking school franchise than they might if the classes were more “one off” in nature. Result? More predictable revenue for franchise owners.

“Young Chefs Academy franchises are a family, where we watch the kids literally grow up before our eyes,” Burleson says. “They don’t just come in for a few weeks, or months, then move on. They stay with us because they are learning and growing, becoming seriously talented cooks while also mastering major life skills such as teamwork and the ability to plan and execute projects.”

Through classes, workshops and camps, Young Chefs Academy takes kids into the kitchen and teaches them not just how to cook, but also how to work independently and as a team to master new skills. A Young Chefs Academy franchise is a fun, scalable and profitable business providing a rewarding enrichment opportunity that kids and parents love.

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