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What Services Do We Provide To Franchisees?

Young Chefs Academy Owners Receive Ongoing Support For All Aspects Of The Business

A new business owner has a lot of excitement, passion — and questions: How do I market? How do I handle employee scheduling? Young Chefs Academy has answers to them all, thanks to a corporate team dedicated to helping them achieve success in children’s franchise opportunities.

On any given day, that could be a franchise owner reaching out for some marketing materials and information, or another needing some help with operational systems and back-office support. All that and more is a phone call, email or text message away.

Thorough Onboarding Prepares Franchise Owners For Success

From the outset, Young Chefs Academy sets the tone for franchise owners by creating an onboarding platform that is informative and fun, says Jamie Skinner, vice president of franchise operations.

Children's franchise opportunities at Young Chefs Academy.

“We are passionate about creating a solid foundation for a successful business,” she says. “That means helping that owner find the perfect location, and then helping them through permitting and getting a business license, setting up their bank accounts, and all the things they need to open. Then we really dive into training, showing them how to operate a Young Chefs Academy, so they are comfortable and confident long before the doors open.”

Marketing And Public Relations Play A Vital Role In Awareness

For instance, Young Chefs Academy offers thorough training on how to market the business during a franchise owner’s initial onboarding. That’s only the start, however, says Shelly Young, vice president of marketing.

“We are always developing new content and graphics for franchise owners to use in a variety of ways,” Young explains. “Some of that is material that can be used in any market, while in other cases we work with that franchise owner to create items that are specific to their areas and the programs they are trying to promote. We are extremely flexible, so whether it’s an ad for social media to promote our birthday parties or an overall awareness piece that talks about how we teach the joy and value of cooking, we can get a beautiful promotional series created and out there very quickly.”

“We have an extensive training program that starts the day you become an owner and continues throughout the duration of owning a Young Chefs Academy. My job is to provide support for our franchisees whether they have been with us for a week, a year, or a decade and help guide them towards success and profitability.

Training And Support Are Strong And Comprehensive From The Outset

Like any business, a Young Chefs Academy must have a smoothly operating suite of back-office functions in order to succeed. That’s ensured thanks to an ongoing evaluation and monitoring of business needs, says Charles Burleson, director of technology.

“We source and configure the right software for franchise owners to run their business,” Charles Burleson says. “That falls into a few major operational categories: business operations, client services, scheduling and sales. We also make sure that those systems tie in easily to marketing, website operations, and other business systems. That way every franchise owner can quickly and easily look over all their operational issues and identify any problems. And if they do have issues, we are here to help them work through those.”

Take advantage of our children's franchise opportunities with cooking classes.

Curriculum Development Relies On Strong Owner Input

Young Chefs Academy franchise owners also have a very strong voice in curriculum development, so if they spot trends in their communities or elsewhere they know they can be heard, adds Rachel Solano, curriculum coordinator.

“We write recipes and curriculum that ties into where the child is in terms of age and development,” Solano says. “For younger chefs, that means not a lot of ingredients and more hands-on work, for instance. We make sure all the classes are well laid out in an easy-to-follow way, so the owners and their instructors can focus on working with the children vs. having to decipher a complicated lesson plan.”

And, she adds, “We work with owners if they are hitting issues with time management or comprehension, to see how we can optimize coursework. Our curriculum process is very open to input from the owners because they are the ones working with the kids every day.”

Young Chefs Academy Covers All The Bases When It Comes To Preparing Owners For Children’s Franchise Opportunities

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