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Children's Franchise Opportunities

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Owners Receive Ongoing Support For All Aspects Of The Business

A new business owner has a lot of excitement, passion - and questions: How do I market? How do I handle employee scheduling? Young Chefs Academy has answers to them all, thanks to a corporate team dedicated to helping them achieve success in children's franchise opportunities.

On any given day, that could be a franchise owner reaching out for some marketing materials and information, or another needing some help with operational systems and back-office support. All that and more is a phone call, email or text message away.

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Thorough Onboarding Prepares Franchise Owners For Success

"Young Chefs Academy sets the tone from the beginning for franchise owners by establishing an onboarding platform that is both informative and engaging,” says Jamie Skinner, vice president of franchise operations. "We are committed to building a solid foundation for our franchisees long-term success," she says.

"This is accomplished through personalized guidance through pre-opening coaching, benchmarking, and comprehensive and on-going training and support. We work relentlessly to ensure our franchise owners are comfortable and confident long before the doors open and throughout the life of their business.”

Young Chefs Academy children's franchise oppoortunities is a great investment opportunity.

We have an extensive training program that starts the day you become an owner and continues throughout the duration of owning a Young Chefs Academy. Our job here at Young Chefs Academy is to provide support for our franchisees whether they have been with us for a week, a year, or a decade and help guide them towards success and profitability.

Marketing And Public Relations Play A Vital Role In Growing The Brand

The initial onboarding of a franchise owner at Young Chefs Academy includes extensive instruction in marketing their YCA business. That's only the beginning, however, says Shelly Young, vice president of marketing.

“We support our franchise partners by providing unified, brand-focused strategies, resources, and ongoing training and support, all designed to preserve brand standards while expanding brand recognition on a local and national level,” Young explains.

“This includes delivering differentiated strategies and an abundance of resources to accomplish specific marketing objectives and to execute brand vision across all channels, including a multi-channel digital media strategy. We are fortunate to have a collaborative team of franchise owners who embrace the company’s values and vision, which contributes to the strength and continued growth of the brand."

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Training And Support Are Strong And Comprehensive From The Outset

Like any business, a Young Chefs Academy must have a smoothly operating suite of back-office functions in order to succeed. That's ensured thanks to an ongoing evaluation and monitoring of business needs, says Charles Burleson, director of technology.

"We source and configure the right software for franchise owners to run their business," Charles Burleson says. "That falls into a few major operational categories: business operations, client services, scheduling and sales. We also make sure that those systems tie in easily to marketing, website operations, and other business systems. That way every franchise owner can quickly and easily look over all their operational issues and identify any problems. And if they do have issues, we are here to help them work through those."

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Young Chefs Academy children's franchise opportunity is great way to get involved in your community.

Young Chefs Academy
Franchise Information Report

This helpful report will explain our revenue sources and market criteria, what makes our kids cooking franchise unique, detailed investment requirements, training and support programs, unit revenue figures, financing options and so much more.

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Young Chefs Academy children's franchise opportunities is great way to spend time with your child.

Young Chefs Academy Covers All The Bases When It Comes To Preparing Owners For Children's Franchise Opportunities

Proprietary Curriculum Designed to Inspire

The Young Chefs Academy proprietary curriculum was conceived and developed by an experienced culinary arts and curriculum team to make our franchise owners the experts, ensuring an unparalleled experience to our customers.

"Our comprehensive curriculum employs the Montessori style of instruction, which involves guided activities that promote self-discovery and independence," states Young Chefs Academy curriculum & training coordinator, Rachel Solano,

"When it comes to the culinary arts the Young Chefs® Academy Curriculum covers it all! We believe that by exposing our students to all facets of culinary education, we are opening doors to a world of exploration, allowing each child to forge their own future path."

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Young Chefs Academy Investment


Highest Unit Gross Sales


Average Unit Gross Sales

*Based on total gross sales for Young Chefs Academy in the highest and average units for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2022 as per the 2023 FDD.  See Item 19 of the Young Chefs Academy 2023 FDD.
A new franchisee's results may differ from the represented performance.  There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk.  This offering is made by prospectus only.

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Young Chefs Academy Code of Values

Code of Values


We are committed to treating every person how they would want to be treated. We are committed to being incredibly kind in everything we do.


We believe that every person is right from their own perspective and deserves empathy.


Children are our focus. We are committed to making a positive lasting influence on the children we serve.


We operate above the line. We do the right thing whether or not someone is watching and whether or not it is easy.


Every business action we take is driven by our enthusiasm and strong sense of purpose for the joy and value we are bringing to our customers' lives.

Extraordinary Experience

We strive to provide an extraordinary experience from every touchpoint.

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