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What is Driving This Business?

Parents want their kids to have the magic combo of having fun and learning important skills

Anyone with children knows the impossible dream of getting them to do things that are “good for them.” Snacks are more popular than vegetables, and playing usually trumps schoolwork.  With Young Chefs Academy, the best of both worlds come together for a fun, dynamic learning experience.

“This is not a babysitting business; you are engaging with kids, you are teaching them and they are learning while they enjoy themselves,” says Julie Burleson, CEO. “Parents are always looking for meaningful enrichment opportunities for their kids, and we are in an amazing space because everybody is interested in cooking today.”

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Rise of cooking shows, competitions fuels interest across all ages

The explosion of reality-TV types of cooking shows, especially competitions, has brought Americans back to the kitchen in a big way. And as the adult shows have spun off their junior editions, kids have become engaged. They devour YouTube videos of their contemporaries battling it out, and they begin to dream of becoming skilled competitors. Enter Young Chefs Academy.

“Most schools have done away with what used to be called home economics, which had a cooking component,” Burleson says. “We can fill that gap and do it in such a way that the kids are having a great time and actually doing the cooking — compared to sitting in a classroom or watching a video of someone else doing it.”

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Adult interest in creating another engagement opportunity

Many parents enjoy watching their kids learn and cook, and when they see a birthday party in full swing they wonder if adults can join in the fun. The answer is a resounding yes.

“Scalability at Young Chefs Academy doesn’t just mean more kitchens and locations; it also means more programs,” Burleson says. “One thing we have been exploring and having some success with the addition of our Young Chefs At Heart program which is geared toward adults. Young Chefs Academy is finding ways to capitalize on everyone’s interest in cooking shows and cooking in general. It’s never too late to learn the basics, and also learn that cooking can be fun and not a chore.”

Cooking and kids: great combo, right? click here to get more information about Young Chefs Academy, and we’ll reach out to find a time to talk so we can answer any questions you have.

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