Benefits of Cooking Classes for Children

Learn how opening a cooking franchise can have great benefits for children, beyond just great culinary skills!

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Can You Really Teach Kids How To Cook on Their Own?

Absolutely! Even young children love helping in the kitchen. If you’ve made cookies with a child before, you may have memories of showing them how to read a recipe, let them help crack an egg, or snag a few chocolate chips to eat before mixing them into the dough.

A kitchen can also be a dangerous place for children — there are knives, hot surfaces, potential spills and other risks that may make it a stressful place for involving children in the cooking activity. It doesn’t have to be that way! When children learn how to cook in child-focused environments, they learn how to be safe in the kitchen while also gaining meaningful and valuable life skills.

The Young Chefs Academy curriculum has been carefully crafted to teach age-appropriate recipes. Younger children use fewer ingredients and are carefully supervised, with age-appropriate adjustments made to the process when sharp objects or hot surfaces are necessary. Older children gain more independence over time and encounter more challenging recipes and refined tools.

Not only can children learn to cook — they should learn to cook! Young Chefs Academy is the cooking franchise that’s here to help.

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Cooking: More than Just Kitchen Skills

Of course, learning how to cook and behave safely in a kitchen are valuable skills in and of themselves. We all need to know how to feed ourselves, after all, and learning how to cook increases the likelihood that children will grow up to be adults who make responsible, healthy choices with their eating habits. In fact, learning how to cook with Young Chefs Academy includes lessons on where food comes from and eating a balanced diet. Studies show that people who eat home-cooked meals are more likely to have a healthier lifestyle overall. Why not help children develop those skills and habits early?

Something magical happens when kids get involved in the cooking process. Children who learn to cook also tend to be far more adventurous eaters and develop a better appreciation for what’s involved! Trying food is part of the cooking process, and the younger children are when they start exploring different tastes and textures, as well as new ways to prepare ingredients, the more likely it will be that they will continue to enjoy a varied diet as teens and adults.

Cooking also encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination. Think about all the ways you use your body when you cook. You squeeze bottles, slice vegetables, dust powdered sugar, pipe frosting…there are hundreds of tasks that all require coordination and patience to accomplish. Learning to cook is a perfect opportunity for children to practice these skills in a meaningful context.

Cooking is also a great place to practice skills in math, science, and language development! When we cook, we often work in fractions and various units of measurement that sometimes need to be converted or altered. Baking involves the perfect environment to explore the chemistry of different ingredients and how they interact to make the perfect loaf of bread.

Cooking also incorporates opportunities to use the scientific method, as students predict what will happen when they use different ingredients in their dishes and analyze what made a project a success. Children also learn new vocabulary, and practice communicating well with other chefs in the kitchen as they coordinate tasks and share supplies. More advanced chefs might put all of these skills together as they write their own recipes.

Additionally, the art of cooking not only provides an avenue for children and teens to continue to grow and expand their creativity, but also provides an excellent opportunity for children to gain confidence and enjoy regular, recognizable successes. An outlook for a child who knows how to cook encourages them to think outside of the box using their creativity and knowledge. Seeing a countertop full of ingredients come alive and develop into a finished product is a truly rewarding experience. It doesn’t have to be pretty all of the time, but THEY did it. Even with the help of other family members, they were involved in crafting a “masterpiece”….from start to finish.

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Buying a cooking franchise with Young Chefs Academy is a great way to give back to your community.

Why Do Parents Choose To Invest in Cooking Lessons?

There are so many child-centered businesses out there, but parents love our cooking franchise for a few key reasons. First, our programs are available for children of all ages. That means children have the opportunity to join us when they are as young as four and stay with us through high school. They get to know us, and we get to know them. That bond is magic! That relationship of trust is something we place great value in, and we work hard to ensure that every child is respected, encouraged and cared for when they come through our doors.

Parents also recognize the great value of our product. Whether children are there to develop great life skills or because they have ambition on becoming professional chefs themselves, we have a program that can help them develop. In fact, many of our past participants later become teachers in our programs, and some of our participants have even gone on to compete on popular Reality TV cooking programs like MasterChef Junior and Chopped Junior. We offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity with a strong reputation that parents love.

"This is the perfect recipe for showing children cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative, and fun"

Julie Burleson
Young Chefs Academy Founder/CEO

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Is a Cooking Franchise a Profitable Business Option?

Young Chefs Academy sits at the heart of a thriving industry. Drawing on the popularity of reality cooking shows and the demand for educational child entertainment opportunities, Young Chefs Academy has proven to be a reliable investment for franchise owners looking to make a difference in the lives of children in their community while also setting themselves up for financial success. Thanks to low operating costs and high scalability, our owners have the potential to see an incredible return on their investment. Now is the perfect time to open a cooking franchise with Young Chefs Academy.

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