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Young Chefs Academy Franchise Owners Tap Into Trends To Boost Revenues

Tying into movies and other major multimedia events connects Young Chefs’ fun and educational offerings to well-known names and events kids love

It doesn’t take a lot to get kids interested in the kitchens at a Young Chefs Academy® children’s cooking school franchise. Once they put on that apron and get busy, they are hooked.

kids cooking franchise owner teaching kids

“And when that experience can also fold in the sights and sounds of something like the latest Food Network celebrity network show or movies like Disney •Pixar’s Ratatouile? It’s even better”, says Shelly Young, Director of Marketing.

Multimedia connections build brand awareness

“Past partnerships with Disney•Pixar, Food Network Magazine, and most recently The Lego Movie 2  include the creation of specialized curriculum that bring the action to life. These type of events are a lot of fun for kids and franchise owners alike”, Young says. “All these promotions are slightly different, and usually involve items such as posters and other giveaways, and sometimes discounted tickets and sampling opportunities.”

What Young Chefs kids cooking franchise does is work with strategic, national partners to create a unique series of classes and menus around a particular promotion, such as a movie release, television show collaboration or special event’s theme, she says. These partnerships provide a promotional avenue for connecting with hard-to-reach consumers.  Promotional activities are then put into place to create awareness, consideration and purchase intent through event sponsorships, custom-themed events and marketing support pieces. It’s pretty simple: more visitors, more brand exposure — and more revenue.

Converting first-time visitors to longtime members

“The idea behind these alliances is to raise awareness and bring new customers through the doors to experience the  Young Chefs Academy children’s cooking school franchise first-hand,” Young explains. “A special promotional tie-in might be that nudge that gets them in the door. Children and parents alike are able to get a “taste” of what we’re all about as they have fun while making new friends, most  often leading them to sign their child up for regular classes.”

The goal with any tie-in, as with all Young Chefs Academy workshops, summer camps, parties and other special events is to create a new and exciting opportunity for franchise owners to market to a wider audience, drawing in new guests for tours and classes and, over time, building the number of enrolled students in regular classes for all ages.

Through classes, workshops, parties and camps, Young Chefs Academy takes kids into the kitchen and teaches them not just how to cook, but also how to work independently and as a team to master new skills. A Young Chefs Academy franchise is a fun, scalable and profitable business providing a rewarding enrichment opportunity that kids and parents love.

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