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Young Chefs Academy Birthday Parties Help Build Business

Special occasions at the premier kids cooking franchise introduces children and parents to the concept, helping to convert visitors to regular customers quickly and easily

Parents are always looking for a fun, unique way to celebrate their child’s birthday. That’s why many book a party at their local Young Chefs® Academy children’s cooking school franchise. And that business pays serious dividends for the franchise owner, says Julie Burleson, founder and CEO.

“We have kids who are already taking classes want to have their birthday party with us, and we also get calls from families who are not currently engaged with the business but want to learn more,” Burleson says. “Either way, birthday parties are a significant source of revenue and marketing for our franchise owners.”

Parties build awareness, convert guests to clients

When a currently enrolled student has his or her birthday party at Young Chefs Academy, the guest list often has many attendees who know little or nothing about the brand. Once they are in the door, the sales process unfolds naturally as parents see their kids cooking and learning and having a great time.

“It’s not a hard sell at all,” Burleson says. “Parents are able to experience what Young Chefs is all about, and their kids are usually eager for more once the party wraps up. People who came in unaware that there was even such a thing as a children’s cooking school franchise leave as converts — and customers.”

Other special events also spur revenue

Best of all for franchise owners, birthday parties are only one source of revenue. In addition to the cooking classes themselves, Young Chefs Academy franchises also offer summer camps and specialty workshops such as gingerbread house-building events during the Christmas holiday season.

“The classes are the foundation of our revenue model. Being able to add on other events like parties and camps helps franchise owners maximize their space during downtime, and also build awareness,” Burleson says. “They also work as viral marketing campaigns, so that even more parents and kids become aware of Young Chefs Academy and what we offer. All that points to more revenue, and has led to larger or new facilities for franchise owners.”

Through classes, workshops, and camps, Young Chefs Academy takes kids into the kitchen and teaches them not just how to cook, but also how to work independently and as a team to master new skills, while building self confidence. A Young Chefs Academy franchise is a fun, scalable and profitable business providing a rewarding enrichment opportunity that kids and parents love.

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