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Children's Franchise Opportunities

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Investing in a children's franchise opportunity with Young Chefs Academy is a great opportunity.

Young Chefs Academy began in a kitchen.

Specifically, Julie Burleson’s kitchen. At the time, Julie was running a catering business out of her home with a young son eager to help out. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Julie saw an opportunity to develop a company that would teach children and youth the valuable skills of cooking and baking. She envisioned brightly colored spaces centered around not only building the culinary skills of children and youth but also their ability to collaborate and work with others. She said, “I started thinking about a business that would involve kids, one that would make a difference in their lives–as well as their parents.” Thus, Young Chefs Academy was born.

Julie believed from the beginning that Young Chefs Academy should be a children’s franchise opportunity, because she knew that there were other like-minded entrepreneurs around the nation who cared about developing children and youth in their communities.

She was right. Young Chefs Academy is full of individual owners and employees passionate about developing strong relationships with their communities.

Since opening, Young Chefs Academy has evolved to include a wide range of opportunities for children and youth to engage with programming. From one-time events like birthday parties to seasonal events like summer camps or year-round membership options for students more serious about broadening their culinary skills, Young Chefs Academy continues to develop new programming, making us a fun place for participants and a profitable choice for franchise owners.

Today, Young Chefs Academy owners benefit from the expertise of a corporate team that has more than 130 combined years of experience in franchise ownership. With an excellent recipe for success that has produced thousands of young chefs around the nation, including some who have gone on to compete on popular reality television shows. With above-average potential profits and a business that is intrinsically rewarding (and fun!), Young Chefs Academy is truly one of a kind among children’s franchise opportunities.

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A children's franchise with Young Chefs Academy is a great way to care for the kids in your community.

Young Chefs Academy Investment


Highest Unit Gross Sales


Average Unit Gross Sales

*Based on total gross sales for Young Chefs Academy in the highest and average units for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2022 as per the 2023 FDD.  See Item 19 of the Young Chefs Academy 2023 FDD.
A new franchisee's results may differ from the represented performance.  There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk.  This offering is made by prospectus only.

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Young Chefs Academy children's franchise opportunites are a great way to give back.

Children's Franchise Opportunities

A High Priority on Care

All Young Chefs Academy locations commit to building confidence in every kid in our care. We commit to welcoming all participants and encouraging creativity in a respectful manner that involves participants in active learning.

Each participant will be connected and fully integrated members of the cooking experience in a positive environment that celebrates the growth and development of everyone.

"This is the perfect recipe for showing children cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative, and fun"

Julie Burleson
Young Chefs Academy Founder/CEO

Kids Chef Franchise Owner Owner of a Kids Franchise

The Young Chefs Academy Code of Values:

We place high priority on honoring the commitment we make to our community. Our community includes our franchise owners, their employees, and our students and their families. We have a code of values that we call our RECIPE.

Young Chefs Academy Code of Values

Code of Values


We are committed to treating every person how they would want to be treated. We are committed to being incredibly kind in everything we do.


We believe that every person is right from their own perspective and deserves empathy.


Children are our focus. We are committed to making a positive lasting influence on the children we serve.


We operate above the line. We do the right thing whether or not someone is watching and whether or not it is easy.


Every business action we take is driven by our enthusiasm and strong sense of purpose for the joy and value we are bringing to our customers' lives.

Extraordinary Experience

We strive to provide an extraordinary experience from every touchpoint.

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