Are Children’s Franchises Profitable?

Birthday Party Business Opportunity

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I’m interested in working with a child-centered franchise, but do they make much profit?

The United States has almost 75 million people under the age of 18 — that’s approximately 23% of the country’s population, and all of them need access to businesses that cater to their unique needs.

Parents and guardians want the very best for their children, and with more parents working outside the home, there are increased demands on the market for businesses that specifically cater to the needs of children and youth. Additionally, with more emphasis on standardized testing and cuts on extracurricular programming in schools nationwide, many parents turn to external sources to help give their children valuable experience in the arts, sports, and other life skills.

The children’s enrichment industry is incredibly broad. Some companies focus on providing practical support for the needs of children and families, including businesses that specialize in children’s clothing or haircuts, photography studios that capture memories, and necessary services like daycare or tutoring.

Other businesses focus on extracurricular options like dance, t-ball, gymnastics, soccer clubs, or even birthday party business opportunities. Each of these markets have recession resistant profitability and benefit from families that spread the word to others and bring multiple children to the business. Franchises that tend to see the highest range of profitability, however, are those that draw from multiple markets. Franchises like Young Chefs Academy that offer birthday parties, for instance, are able to take advantage of a $25 billion dollar industry — an incredibly profitable opportunity! Franchises with an emphasis on developing important skills at age-appropriate levels like Young Chefs Academy are also able to draw on the multi-billion children’s entertainment and education markets.

With the population of children set to expand another five million by 2030, there is a reliable stream of incoming customers throughout the nation, and cooking franchises fill a niche in the market that is both unique and in high demand. An average of 400,000 people watch Food Network at some point during the day, driving greater interest in cooking and baking across all age levels, including kids!

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Buying a birthday party business with Young Chefs Academy is a great opportunity.

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A birthday party business with Young Chefs Academy is a great way to give back to your community.

Birthday Party Business Opportunity

What Benefits Are There for Opening a Children’s Franchise?

There are incredible intrinsic benefits to working with children, not least of which is knowing that you make a meaningful difference in your community. We spend so many of our waking hours working — why not work at a job where you get to have fun while you make a living? Working with children means seeing growth and development before your eyes.

With Young Chefs Academy, children often come with little to no experience working in the kitchen and leave with skills that stay with them for a lifetime. You’ll build lasting relationships with children and their families, and get to leave each day knowing your time has been valuably spent.

Since our model allows for children to come back to us throughout their childhood and teenage years, we also get the privilege of watching them grow. While some of our students have gone on to compete in popular cooking show competitions for youth like Master Chef Junior and Chopped Junior, we know that each of our young chefs have been given a chance to gain important life skills in a safe, nurturing environment.

"This is the perfect recipe for showing children cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative, and fun"

Julie Burleson
Young Chefs Academy Founder/CEO

Kids Chef Franchise Owner Owner of a Kids Franchise
Young Chefs Academy Code of Values

Code of Values


We are committed to treating every person how they would want to be treated. We are committed to being incredibly kind in everything we do.


We believe that every person is right from their own perspective and deserves empathy.


Children are our focus. We are committed to making a positive lasting influence on the children we serve.


We operate above the line. We do the right thing whether or not someone is watching and whether or not it is easy.


Every business action we take is driven by our enthusiasm and strong sense of purpose for the joy and value we are bringing to our customers' lives.

Extraordinary Experience

We strive to provide an extraordinary experience from every touchpoint.

I’m Not a Professional Chef — Can I Still Open a Young Chefs Academy?

Of course! While experience in a kitchen is a plus, what’s more important to us is finding owners and employees that strive to meet our core values. We call it our RECIPE for success! We ask that our owners respect their employees and customers by treating them with kindness. We strive to show empathy to everyone, and honor different perspectives. We focus our programming on the development of children, and work to keep them at the center of all we do. As a company, we operate with integrity. We are honest with you, and with our customers and maintain a code of ethics that is above board. We are passion driven and bring enthusiasm and joy to the workplace. Ultimately, we seek after delivering extraordinary experiences for our customers and employees at all levels.

If you’re looking for a birthday party business opportunity and have a passion for working with children – there’s a place for you in our kitchens. Learn more today!

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