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Posted on Jan 29th 2021


Young Chefs Academy Updates Code of Values Statement

The mission of Young Chefs Academy to teach the Joy and Value of Cooking has always been the foundation of YCA's wide popularity with students across the US and beyond. That mission is carried through the Young Chefs Academy Code of Values connecting with families and inspiring a new generation of chefs. Young Chefs Academy recently updated it's formal list of values that truly encompass the brand culture. Following the recipe model, Young Chefs Academy shares the following RECIPE for success:

Young Chefs Academy ~ Code of Values

R ~ Respect We are committed to treating everyone how we would want to be treated. This includes listening with the intent to understand and to keeping commitments that we promised. If we fail, we own it and seek to do better. E ~ Empathy We believe that every person is right from their own perspective and deserves empathy. We are committed to being incredibly kind in everything we do. C ~ Children Children are our focus. We are committed to making a positive lasting influence on the children that we are trusted to serve. Every child deserves to feel welcomed, have fun, and feel like an integral part of the special atmosphere we create at YCA. I ~ Integrity We operate above the line. We do the right thing whether or not someone is watching and whether or not it is easy. P ~ Passion driven Every business action we take is driven by our enthusiasm and strong sense of purpose for the joy and value we are bringing to children's and families' lives. We believe that this passion is at the heart of a successful business. E ~ Extraordinary Experience We are committed to providing an extraordinary experience at every service touch point. We are very proud of all our franchise operators that work to excel in everything they do for their customers. As a result, they deliver on these values and share the highest level of culinary instruction in the communities they serve. Learn more about how Young Chefs Academy teaches the joy and value of cooking by visiting