10  Steps To Become a Young Chefs Academy Franchisee

Cooking Class for Kids and Teens at Young Chefs Academy1. Meet Initial Requirements

Confirm that you meet our general requirements prior to proceeding.


2. Make a Request

Complete the online “Get Started Form” 


3. Initial Franchise Qualification Interview 

We will discuss your background, motivation and interest in Young Chefs Academy and answer initial questions you may have.  


4. Personal Candidate Qualification Summary

We will then send you the Personal Candidate Qualification Summary for you to complete and return.


5. Receipt of Completed Personal Candidate Qualification Summary

Upon receipt of the completed Personal Candidate Qualification Summary, we will review and confirm the information you submitted; and, if you meet our requirements we will schedule a telephone interview.  


Chefs in class6. Second Interview

We will answer questions you may have and further discuss your qualifications.


7. Final Approval Process

If you are fully qualified, and believe in the Young Chefs Academy concept, we will provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document and invite you to meet us in person!


8. Meet the Team at YCA

You will join us at our headquarters in Waco, Texas to attend a Meet the Team Day. There you will meet and greet key executives and support staff and confirm what you have learned about our concept, operations and support. 


9. Issuance of a Letter Awarding the Franchise 

Following our “Meet The Team Day” we will complete a background and credit check.  If your application is approved by the Franchise Review committee we will award you the opportunity to join our franchise system. 


10. Execution of Franchise Agreements and Franchise Orientation Training

We will sign the Franchise Agreement and commence orientation to provide you with our system and tools to get you started.



If you qualify as a franchisee prospect, we will furnish you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in paper form unless you request an electronic copy by sending an email request to us. We will provide the paper form of our FDD to you in person if you visit our Offices, or we will mail or courier the document to you at our cost. We will provide the electronic form of our FDD to you in PDF format via email to the address you provide us.  You will need to have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer to open and view the PDF document and a printer to print at least one Receipt Page.  You need to sign and date the Receipt Page and return the original to us via USPS or another delivery means such as UPS or FedEx.  

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