Thyme for Kids - a family, food, and franchising blog
Thyme for Kids - a family, food, and franchising blog
Into food, family, or franchising? You're in the right place. The recipe for blogging here at YCA is to keep it simple, entertaining, educational, and to the point. We take one simple concept and give you our unique perspective.
From our franchisees, our students, or our corporate staff - if you hear it here, you know it's all us, all original and all fresh. We might tell you the story of a bright young chef who taught his instructor a few things, then next maybe the latest culinary trend (beef tongue sliders?). There is nothing ordinary about any of our franchises, and we delight in sharing the extraordinary "scoop"! Enjoy, comment, and please share.
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Young Chefs Academy Announces 2016 Culinary Summer Camps

Consider your summer plans set, because Young Chefs Academy has revealed its Summer 2016 Camps, and they’re sure to be a blast! From global flavors to regional favorites, competitions and more, students will learn valuable culinary skills during each camp. There’s something for everyone at Camp Can-I-Cook!


Summer Road Trip 2016
Explore America’s popular regional cuisine, such as New England lobster rolls, West Coast chicken and waffles and Southwestern tamale pie, among others.

YCA Cookbook Nook
Learn some of the staff’s favorite recipes from their favorite YCA cookbooks. Cook up the classics!

Global Gastronomy
Take a trip around the world in just one week with global flavors that will send you over the ocean and back. Dim sum, tortas and tiramisu are on the menu along with other selections.

Kitchen Mysteries with Chef Pierre Poulet
Learn from our favorite mischievous Master Chef Pierre Poulet how to make delicious meals at home for your friends and family using some of his favorite ingredients.

The Mixed-Up Kitchen
Focusing on taking something old and turning it upside down into a new creation, this class will fuse global flavors in exciting new ways.

Pantry Picnic
Learn to make a delicious meal out of the things you already have and discover how to turn leftovers into a tantalizing second meal.

Candy Bar Enterprise
Discover the history of candy bars, look at nostalgic flavors and make up our own.

YCA Gets Chopped Again
YCA has its own cooking competition! Each day, we’ll focus on a new cooking skill for the first half of the class and then the students will work on the same skill in a new recipe on their own or in groups. On the last day, the students will take part in a secret ingredient challenge. 
To view full class descriptions, click here.
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Win the Memorial Day Barbecue Potluck

Memorial Day is the sign that patio season is here to stay, and many groups of friends and family like to celebrate with a hot grill and a potluck meal. Wow your loved ones this Memorial Day with an unforgettable grilled contribution to the meal.


Prepare your favorite pizza crust recipe and, once it has fully risen, stretch it out and throw it on a hot grill. Let it cook for a minute or two on one side, and then use tongs to flip it to its other side. Remove your crust and brush it with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Top it however you wish – we love to take advantage of fresh summer produce and top our flatbreads with a simple green salad, some crumbled feta or goat cheese and thinly shaved veggies. Simply slice your flatbread in wedges and watch as it disappears!

12:22 PM

Young Chefs Academy Welcomes Four New Franchisees

We’re excited to announce four new additions to the Young Chefs Academy franchise family, helping to spread quality culinary education for kids across North America!

New Franchisees

Khaled Nayed from Kanata, Ottawa, Ontario; Lynlee Bradley from North Druid Hills, Georgia; Sebastian and Tina Latina from New City, New York; and Jessica Yuen from Orlando, Florida have completed training and are ready to get up and running. We can’t wait to see the happy faces and mad culinary skills coming from your kitchens!

Stay tuned on our blog for more news on our growing franchise family!

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Turn Up the Heat and Grill a Great Meal

We’re finally in grilling season, and you might be wondering how to utilize your grill in new ways as the summer approaches. At Young Chefs Academy, we teach our students to coax as many flavors as they can from every dish, and the grill is a wonderful way to add a smoky char to almost anything.


For an unforgettable and fresh dinner idea, split a few heads of romaine lettuce in half and brush them with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Quickly char and rotate the lettuce to get grill marks, then drizzle with your favorite Caesar dressing, a squeeze of lemon, a dusting of parmesan cheese and cracked black peppercorns for an innovative take on a Caesar salad. You can add the protein of your choice and as many veggies as you like for a meal that’s sure to stand out.

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