By Guest Columnist, Deb Evans, CFE
President Deb Evans Consulting, Social Geek Radio Sponsor

Is there anything better than new franchisee excitement during training?

Usually, when I arrive at a training, social media is one piece of the operations puzzle that a franchisee is the least excited to learn. New franchise owner training is like drinking from a fire hose. So much to learn, retain and implement when they return to their territories. They are often tired and glazed over.

But when I meet a new franchisee with a high level of excitement and says, "I have always wanted to do a Facebook live and can't wait to learn how", I run with it and we all have a great time!

Allentown, PA, Wesley Chapel FL, Coral Springs FL, Sunnyvale CA and Ohio communities are fortunate to have Young Chefs Academy entering their communities!

Thank you, Julie, Roger, Jamie, Charles and the Young Chefs corporate team for the opportunity to work with your system.

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Deb Evans   About Deb Evans:

Deb Evans Consulting partners with local businesses and franchise systems by adding value to their social media  platforms.

Deb does this by working closely with business owners and franchise leaders assessing their social media presence and together develop a comprehensive, easy to implement a social media marketing plan.

Founder Deb Evans is an International Franchise Association (IFA) Certified Franchise Executive, Speaker, and Social Media Enthusiast.  Deb entered the franchise world first as an employee then as a franchisee in 1996. From 2004 – 2010, Deb was president of Computer Explorers technology education franchise. As a franchisor, she advised on digital media activities across the brand for internal communications, customer service, and marketing strategies building and expanding the digital footprint for the brand and franchisees.

After 16+ years as a franchise employee, franchisee and franchisor, Deb established Deb Evans Consulting to educate/train franchise industry leaders and small business owners to create and strengthen a culture and community through the use of social media and marketing.

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