Celebrate Father’s Day with Young Chefs Academy

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to thank Dad for everything he’s done for you than with a thoughtfully prepared meal! Grab your young chef, don an apron and let’s get cooking some dishes Dad is sure to love!

Father's Day

It’s summer, so why not spend some time outdoors with Dad grilling? Try easy-to-prepare chicken sandwiches for dinner – marinate split chicken breasts in equal parts soy sauce, water, olive oil and brown sugar, plus the juice of one orange and a minced garlic clove. With an adult’s supervision, grill the chicken until the interior reaches 165 degrees F. As the chicken rests, brush pineapple rings with a little brown sugar and oil and char them lightly. Butter your rolls and grill them until the bottoms are crispy, then assemble the sandwiches – toasted bun, chicken breast, pineapple ring, vegetable fixings of choice and the top bun. Dad will love the effort you put into creating such a thoughtful (and delicious!) meal!


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