Frugal Feasting for the New Year

As we set our resolutions for the New Year, we at Young Chefs Academy have renewed our focus to bringing the best quality culinary education for kids out there – beginning with our newest curriculum! Our theme for January is “Frugal Feasting” – cooking an exceptionally delicious meal on a budget. Using everyday ingredients to make something extraordinary, a fun and satisfying meal is just a few steps away.

Our class series this month kicked-off with a simple yet delectable weeknight meal, which will culminate into an over-the-top, blow-the-budget celebration dinner. Join us as we bring the title “Frugal Foodie” to life!

Week 1: Weeknight Meal Makeover
Dull, uninspired and rushed. Does that describe your usual weeknight meal? Well, let’s change it up! We’re pulling off a “coup d’kitchen” – a fantastic, frugal feast – right in the middle of the week! Savory and sweet, these incredible dishes will warm your heart and tummy without making a dent in your wallet!

Week 2: It’s a Wonderful Weekend
When the workweek ends, the leisurely pace and indulgence of the weekend often means dining out. But our newly discovered fiscal conservatism means one thing – a home-cooked dinner so mouthwateringly delicious, it rivals any restaurant fare. Let the tantalizing aroma of roasting tomatoes, herbs and spices draw you into a magnificent Italian feast so authentic, you’ll feel as if you’ve just hopped on a plane to Rome! Buon appetito!

Week 3: Gifts from the Heart…. And the Kitchen!
A heartfelt gift can mean so many things, but the essential ingredients are planning and thoughtfulness for the ones you love. Show your family and friends an unforgettable celebration dinner for a birthday, anniversary or other milestone. We’ve loosened the purse strings a bit for an elaborate dinner – complete with cupcakes!

Week 4: Let’s Party!
Have you ever dreamed of throwing a gourmet gala so over-the-top it makes your head spin? Your dreams have come true! Rich and delicious can only begin to describe what we have in store. Be prepared to be impressed as we throw caution – and our budget! – to the wind preparing this over-the-top feast. Young Chefs Academy is your culinary celebration destination!

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