Get Cooking for the Holidays with Kids

As the holidays approach, some of our favorite flavors are on the tips of everyone’s tongues – peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin, chestnut and gingerbread. Between family get-togethers, school parties and extracurricular activities, there’s often a lot of cooking involved, too – perfect for sharing family favorites and trying out new recipes to add to the holiday repertoire!

There’s no better time to get the kids involved in cooking than around the holidays. This could be a wonderful opportunity to teach your children how to make a traditional family favorite that they, in turn, will pass on to their families in the future. With a patient hand and a watchful eye, you could be raising up a Young Chef in no time!

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Here are some compelling reasons to get the kids involved in cooking this holiday season:

•Children are more willing to try nutritious and healthy food if they help prepare it themselves – with the rising rate of childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes, this emphasis on self-taught nutrition is more important than ever.

•Kids who don’t know how to cook often rely on packaged foods of questionable nutritional value for snacks and meals. One survey showed that 87 percent of 4th through 8th grade students cook or make some of their own meals – wouldn’t it be great if the food they were preparing was healthful instead of microwaved or filled with sodium, corn syrup and food dyes?

At Young Chefs Academy, the culinary education teaches more than simply cooking skills. Kids learn organization, self-reliance, motivation, teamwork and sanitation in an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning.

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